SWQ-03 Torsion & Bending Test Tool

SWQ-03 Torsion & Bending Test Tool

Dimension: L900*W670*H450mm
Weight: 120KG
Power: AC220V,50/60Hz
Rated power: 1.45KW
Control Type: Servomotor system+ PC+ Human-Machine Interface


+ Able to test 0- 15pcs cards at long side per time & able to test 15pcs cards at short side per time, distortion angle is adjustable,

+ Meet ISO 10373-1-2006 standards.

+ Distortion test 0-15pcs cards at a time, it meets Iso 10373-1-2006 standards.

+ Language in Chinese ( English ), Cards input can be achieved by opening 2mm respectively easily.

+ Automatic stop after the test.

+ Test speed is adjustable, test times can be set the number of test to the last cutomatic stop.

+ Automatially alarm function after test finish( Visual alarm light ).

+ Distortion and Bending test: Test Method Relerence CQM10.3.13, CQM 10.3.14.

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