SWAEM-03 D-I Wire Preparation & Embedding Machine

SWAEM-03 D-I Wire Preparation & Embedding Machine

Dimension: L 6000mm*W1125mm * H 1810mm
Weight: 2100KG
Power: AC380V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power; 20KW
Air Pressure: 6KG/cm2
Air consumption: 400LMin
Control system: PLC+Servomotor system+ OCR
Capacity: 3200pcs/Hour



This dual-interface smart card wire preparation and embedding machine is an all-in-one machine, able to automatically finish dual interface card in one production run.
Automatically upper cavity milling, lower cavity mlling & Automatically antenna wire preparation. 
ldentify antenna position accurately by OCR system. 
Automatically prepare antenna wire in good position.
Automatically clean the cavily.

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