SICP-06 Embedding Machine

SICP-06 Embedding Machine

Dimension: L5700*W1100*H1750mm
Weight: 2800KG
Power: AC380V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 10KW
Air Pressure: 6KG/cm2
Air consumption: 200LMin
Control system: PLC+Servomotor system
Production speed: 10000-18000pcs/Hour


+ SICP-06 is used to do embedding process. For high module

embedding, this machine is a good choice.

+ Automatically identify qualified cards and unqualfied cards,

and collect them separately.

+ Cooling system on hot soldering station can use any hot melt

adhesive without making card deformed.

+ Non-iled card will be automatically identfed by cavity

sensor to avoid embedding.

+ Automatic divide good card from defective cards.

+ Automatic alarm when chips run out & automatic put in chips

and defective module will be collected into waste box.

+ Easy operation and maintenance.


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