SICMP-01 Milling & Embedding Machine

SICMP-01 Milling & Embedding Machine

Net Weight:850Kg
Rated Power:7.5KW
Air Pressure:6kg/cm2
Air Consumption:180L/Min
Control Type:PLC+servomotor system
Production Speed:3200pcs/Hour



+ This smart card milling and embedding machine is an all-in-one machine perfect for contact card production, it is able to do card milling, glue tape lamination & module embedding. Perfect for small scale mass production.

+ Two milling heads.

+ Milling dimension can be adjusted on touch screen.

+ Accuracy is up to +0.01mm.

+ Double cleaning system.

+ Cavity sensor is able to identify milling condition.

+ Card input and output magazine are outside of the machine

main unit, easy for card feed and collect.

+ Smart way of cavity milling with card and not mllig without card,

+ Easy operation and maintenance.

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