Lithium Battery Stacking Machine

Lithium Battery Stacking Machine

Compressed Air:5kgf-7kgf/c㎡(0.5Mp-0.7Mp)
Air Consumption:250L/min
Electrode dimension:L: 150~300mm, W: 70~220mm, H : 2~40mm
Electrode tab size:L: 6~30mm, W: 20~70mm
Cell thickness:5-40mm
Stack speed:0.5s / pcs / dual-station(1s / pcs / single station)




JBSM-01 machine is full-automatic dual-station stacking machine, repeatable and precise electrode stacking.

Anode and cathode electrodes are alternatively stacked with separator film in between.
Perfect for vehicle battery cell production.
Auto separator correction positioning to ensure “Z” folding positioning accuracy ,consistent tension controls for separator film delivery.
Auto winding function, winding length is adjustable.
Auto taping function, simultaneously cross taping and four sides taping.
Auto blanking and auto stacking to collect multiple battery cell simultaneously.
Easy operation and maintenance.

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