Conductive Adhesive Milling & Embedding Machine

Conductive Adhesive Milling & Embedding Machine

Weight: 1500Kg
Voltage: AC380V、50Hz
Rated Power: 8KW
Air Pressure: 6kg/cm²
Air Consumption: 250L/Min
Control Type: PLC + Servomotor system
Production Speed:6000pcs/hour


Adopt new milling structure to ensure accurate and stable milling station (±0.01mm)  
Controlled by PLC + Servomotor system, easy operation and maintenance.   
Equipped with multi-cards detection to ensure that no multi-card enters the subsequent workstation.
Equipped with scan code check to ensure the card front/back is correct & accurate
Twice milling clean to ensure no residual debris on the card surface.
Depth inspection ensures that the milling is accurate.
Antenna brightness detection to ensure good conductivity adhesive of the post-conductive plastic package.
Antenna conduction detection ensures that the performance of the card to the subsequent workstation is good.
3 heat welding station (constant temperature system) and 1 cold welding station to ensure embedding quality
Equipped with ATR and ATS detection function, rejected cards are collected separately.
OCR visual inspection chip embedding quality.

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