CAEM-01 Conductive Adhesive Milling & Embedding Machine

CAEM-01 Conductive Adhesive Milling & Embedding Machine

Weight: 3000Kg
Voltage: AC380V、50Hz
Rated Power: 8KW
Air Pressure: 6kg/cm²
Air Consumption: 250L/Min
Control Type: PLC + Servomotor system
Production Speed:3500-4000pcs/hour


The milling depth accuracy is ±0.01 mm.
Convenient and simple to operate and maintain.
Equipped with detection device to avoid double card.
Equipped with a secondary cleaning function to ensure that 
there is no residual scrap on the card surface.
Antenna conduction detection ensures the good performance 
of the card and increases Yield.
4 stations hot welding +2 stations cold welding.
Equipped with ATR and ATS detection function, so as to find 
abnormal packaging in time.
Bad cards will be detected and automatically collected.

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