All-In-One Automatic Electrode Die-Cutting & Stacking Machine

All-In-One Automatic Electrode Die-Cutting & Stacking Machine

Machine size:10000*2300*1900mm
Compressed air:5kgf-7kgf/c㎡ ( 0.5Mp-0.7Mp )
Air consumption:400L/min
Electrode tab size:L:150~300mm,W: 70~220mm,H: 2~40mm
Electrode size:L6~30mm, W20~70mm
Cell thickness:5-40mm
Stack speed:0.35s/pc/ 3 station 1~1.3s/pc/single station


It’s “All-In-One ” machine with cathode & anode electrode cutting, electrode transportation, auto stacking, auto winding, auto taping & cell transport.
Configuration of two sets of die-cutting and three sets of single-station stacking. 
Positive and negative electrodes adopt continuous hardware die-cutting.
Electrodes transportation by belt divided single electrode instead of using magazine box to switch.
Positive / negative electrodes transported by two separated belt to avoid crossover of dust.
“Z” electrodes stacking method.
Function of winding is optional as requirement. 
Equipped with detection and dust cleaning functions to ensure continuous and stable production.
Cell in three stacking stations are automatically conveyed to right end of the machine through conveyor belt, more convenient for subsequent auto production.
Easy operation and maintenance.

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